Rhinestone Pin Buying Guide

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Rhinestone Pin Buying Guide

Rhinestone pins are decorative brooches designed with shining, bright plastic or glass crystal that are known to reflect light. Pins constructed with rhinestones are built with a light and unique style, and come in a wide range of sizes and colours. Rhinestone pins are often worn to commemorate certain events, showcase an interest or belief, or to simply bolster the overall style of an outfit. With varying rhinestone shapes and size options, consumers should make sure to understand the different choices available from pins on the marketplace. 

With hundreds of rhinestone pin options, selecting the right pin can be somewhat difficult. In order to trim down results and find an exact style match, shoppers can browse through the online marketplace eBay. With an array of different rhinestone pin construction types, shoppers equipped with the right information are able to find something to match nearly any style preference. When shopping for a rhinestone pin, consider different metal options, size choices, and aesthetic styles before settling on a final purchase.

Rhinestone Pin Metal Options

Rhinestone pins are often designed with a metal backing and glued construction. Finding a metal back that is designed with a high quality alloy can be difficult but is worth the effort. Different rhinestone pin metals include everything from silver plated rhinestone pins to simple, less expensive alloy combinations. Even brass and gold plated rhinestone pin options are available for consumers who take advantage of online marketplaces such as eBay.


The most common backing material for a rhinestone pin is a tin and copper or nickel combination alloy. These options are designed to be quite durable and offer a higher level of flexibility and design than some other options. Alloy backings are a fairly inexpensive option for those who wish to purchase a rhinestone pin. Search for rhinestone pins that are labelled as alloy for an inexpensive yet durable jewellery option.

Silver Plated

Individuals who are in the market for a higher quality pin that offers a brilliant lustre typically edge towards silver plated rhinestone pin options. These pins are usually manufactured with an alloy base material. Silver is then coated over the alloy or other metal base material, which offers an aesthetic that blends well with clear plastic rhinestones. Silver plated options are popular choices with individuals searching for a more formal pin style.


Consumers looking for the highest possible quality rhinestone pin often choose gold pin backings. Jewellery such as rose gold rhinestone pins offer a more classic style that matches the needs of even the most formal style. Individuals likely to attend formal events find rose gold, white gold, and other gold rhinestone pins to be the most appropriate option.


Another popular rhinestone pin backing is the rhodium plated rhinestone pin. Rhodium is a member of the platinum group and offers incredible stability and quality. Rhodium rhinestone pins are often plated in rhodium, and much like gold options are usually designed with a cheaper base metal. Rhodium is a chemical element that produces a silverish white complexion that many pin wearers find quite attractive.

No Metal

For a more creative rhinestone pin option, consider choosing a pin made with no metal backing. These no metal rhinestone pins are designed with just the rhinestone setting and a pin back to secure the brooch. Consumers with allergies to certain metals and metal alloys often opt for no metal in their rhinestone pin jewellery design. Individuals who desire a more inexpensive pin turn to options that are manufactured with no metal backing.

Rhinestone Pin Size Options

When selecting a rhinestone pin, consumers sometimes select a pin that meets a certain design aesthetic but forget to factor in its size. Rhinestone pins can range from the size of a small earring to the size of a pocket watch and are often even larger. Savvy consumers shopping for a rhinestone pin search make sure to take size into consideration before committing to a final purchase.

Small Rhinestone Pins

Rhinestone pins come in all shapes and sizes, and many individuals find that smaller options are more attractive than their larger counterparts. Those who wear pins on the lapel of their shirts or jackets may search for a smaller rhinestone pin that weighs very little. People who wear lighter, thinner materials should also be cautious when buying a rhinestone pin, as larger options have the potential to rip certain materials.

Large Rhinestone Pins

If a rhinestone pin is purchased to display a certain message or crede, a large rhinestone pin is a quality choice. Rhinestone pins designed into letters and words are a common selection for those wishing to convey a certain belief or to support a specific cause. Pins designed with words which are too small do not properly display a desired message. For a more communicative, visible option, consider purchasing a large rhinestone pin.

Rhinestone Pin Considerations

The amount of rhinestone pin styles range into the hundreds and thousands. Colour, overall shape, and even rhinestone placement affects the overall aesthetic of a rhinestone pin. Everything from pink rhinestone options to themed figures and animals can be found when shopping for a rhinestone pin. Keep in mind overall style when making a purchasing decision.


The amount of different colours available when buying a rhinestone pin numbers into the thousands. Shades of colours such as red, blue, and green offer enough choices to match almost any colour need. Multi-coloured options that integrate several rhinestone colours can be purchased for a reasonable price.

Colours such as black and clear crystal are also available for individuals searching for a more muted, classical design aesthetic. Make sure to shop through less common colours such as aqua and orange in order to avoid missing out on a quality piece.


The shape of a rhinestone pin makes all the difference in the overall design aesthetic. Some abstract shapes are utilised in pin designs, but most pins represent some sort of distinct shape. Animal rhinestone pins are popular with animal enthusiasts and are commonly available through online marketplaces such as eBay. When searching for an animal rhinestone pin, take the time to find the animal desired. Listings on sites such as eBay are updated constantly.

Another popular shape choice is to select a rhinestone pin that resembles a flower. Flower rhinestone pins communicate a more feminine style and are often considered to be a traditionally classic option. Other natural shapes such as leaves and trees are popular rhinestone pin choices. When shopping for a certain shape of rhinestone pin, simply limit a search with specific keywords such as 'flower' to find the desired pin shape.

Rhinestone Placement

Narrowing down a search with rhinestone placement usually filters into two options. Rhinestone pins that are designed with no gaps and size differences are one of those popular options. These pins offer a shape or theme that is quite consistent. With similarly shaped rhinestones and no gaps, pins are able to succinctly display a message or showcase a certain theme.

Rhinestone pins are also designed with varying crystal sizes and shapes. These pins are often constructed with some gaps in rhinestone placement, and are considered to be quite attractive. Rhinestone pins that represent more abstract designs are usually manufactured with varying sizes of rhinestones. Rhinestone with gaps between the stones often incorporate quality metal backings such as gold and silver. Select a rhinestone pin that matches overall aesthetic for a piece that can be worn almost anywhere.

How to Buy a Rhinestone Pin on eBay

With so many style types, colours, metal materials, and size options, it is no wonder that individuals shopping for rhinestone pins are easily satisfied. Armed with the right product specific knowledge, consumers are able to make shopping for a rhinestone pin more intuitive and enjoyable. In order to utilise more specific tastes to your advantage, consider shopping through eBay. Thousands of products and sellers are available through the eBay marketplace at the click of a button or touch of a screen

To begin searching on eBay, simply visit the home page. From any eBay page, consumers can simply enter a search term into the search bar. Be specific. Search phrases such as 'rhinestone animal pin' sometimes turn up hundreds of options. When hundreds of options is not what you are looking for, consider using eBay's advanced search feature. Advanced search allows individuals to narrow down a product search from the very beginning.


Rhinestone pin style and shape choices allow individuals the chance to select a pin that matches any style preference. Pins that range from animal shapes to abstract expressionism are available through the right shopping venues. When shopping for a rhinestone pin, remember to consider the metal backing material offered in order to find the highest quality product. Even shopping based on rhinestone colour allows consumers to be selective enough to find an adequate piece.

When making a rhinestone pin purchase, factoring in size is also an important detail to consider. Rhinestone jewellery that is too large can overwhelm a wearer, while overly small options are easily lost in an outfit. Individuals who have narrowed down options shop through online marketplaces such as eBay in order to save both time and money. Search for the perfect pin, consider all available style options, and you are equipped to make a desirable rhinestone pin purchase on eBay.

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