Rhodesia 1960s Definitives, 3d value

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This is an attempt to show on eBay the variations of the definitive stamps issued in (Southern) Rhodesia during the 1960s.  (If successful, I aim to post Guides about further values)

Stamps were originally printed in England by Harrison & Sons, using photogravure, based on designs created by Victor Whiteley. These were inscribed SOUTHERN RHODESIA and were issued in 1964.

Booklets were issued with a pane of four, and a few booklets have a BROKEN OVAL - a split about 2 o'clock in the oval around the cameo holding the Queen's head.

Remaining sheets were overprinted locally in Rhodesia, after UDI, and placed on sale in January 1966.

In February 1966, Harrisons printed a revised set inscribed RHODESIA, and sent the artwork to Rhodesia..

A few sheets have MISSING BRANCHES between the Kudu's horns.

A DUAL CURRENCY issue was printed in Rhodesia by Mardon Printers, in March 1967, using Lithography, on JH4 paper with a clear gum.  It shows the value as both 3 pence and 2½ cents.

Mardons had to reprint the stamp as supplies ran out, and DROPPED the decimal value, and a 3d value on the same paper/gum was issued in February 1968.  A later reprint in December 1968 was on Chromo paper with a coloured gum.

To see a picture of  all of these stamps, contact me through CONTACT MEMBER (on the See all Feedback page), but  leave your email address visible for my reply..

( If you have a 1964 booklet, I suppose you will be checking it now ! )

Guide created Feb 2008, tweaked February 2009

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