Rife alternative health

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Many people can be a little confused when using alternate health options such as Rife and rife machines. We have been dealing with this now for 10 years and many forms of illness so are quite experienced and offer the entire range from a simple portable to using more advanced units on the internet at home.
For those wanting to be able to change a frequency we start with the affordable £99 unit that has over 1000 frequency options and very simple to use and suggest 3 to 6 hours a week to maintain your Mind Body and Spirit and Energy near 100%, this is an energy health tool but when having infection or more severe illness to use the right frequencuies for longer period of time to remove.
There is over 4000 forms of ddisease and this can help with 3500 forms so actually very effective for over 70 years.
For the more advanced unit at £149 requires connection to internet but plus side is able to use 10 frequencies at 1 time in sweep mode and more suited to more serious forms of disease. We are glad to assist where we can as in fact over 500 Million people are dealing with illness and we can bring this down to have a better life...
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