Ripped off continuously not helped by paypal!!

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After reading the various other reviews about the seller being ripped off and paypal helpeing the buyer to do so prompted me to write this 'review'

A few months ago i sold a Technics amplifier (suv650) which was in 100% perfect working order and as i was selling the complete system due to an upgrade i wasnt particularly bothered about what price i received for it.

Anyway i sold the item (i wont add the ebayers id due to ebay policies etc) for the nominal fee for around 30something pounds plus 18pounds postage, considering similar items on ebay were fetching over the £50 plus mark i thought this a good deal.

So a week and 5 days later plus a positive feedback from the seller i get a dispute opened against me?i email the seller asking why and he says the item arrived damaged?!after leaving me positive feedback? Upon investigating, the ebayer had put the item up for sale immediately after purchasing it from me at over DOUBLE the price,  but somehow it had got 'damaged' during this process, now my feedback is 99.3% so would certainly not sell damaged goods listed as undamaged so put my story to paypal and thought they would see sense.

UNFORTUNATELY NOT, i was told the buyer was due a full refund as i can not prove the item wasnt damaged before it was sent WHAT THE F*CK?!!So ill be £18 pound postage out of  pocket and left with a broken faulty item which was fine upon sale?!!!work it out for yourself , i was exactly that, ripped off through the rip off itself that is PAYPAL, bad enough they take 4% of everthing you recieve but take more through withdrawls less then £50 on top of the ebay fees you get taken from you (incase you didnt know ebay OWN paypal!) listing fees final value fees etc all in all its a SCANDAL, and thats only the start!

3 weeks ago i buy a 'new' item that has clealry been used, i email the seller but no response, i email again and wait a week and open a dispute, giving them a chance before i escalate it to a claim, still no response and to top it all off the item doesnt even work correctly, so still no response and it goes to a claim then MAGICALLY i get some sob story how the seller is pregnant and doesnt need the hassle etc but that doesnt give me nearly £100 back that the item cost me.

A month goes past and paypal get involved only to tell me they are deciding in HER favour because the item description didnt breach ebay rules??what the hell does that mean??it didnt work and wasnt new as described??!!!

I wasnt going to let it lie this time so called the 'customer support number' some jobsworth on the other end proceeded to tell me that there was nothing that could be done as the decision had been made however fair or unfair i see it.

So there you go from a seller and buying point of view i have been shafted TWICE in months for nearly £200 because of paypal and their ridiculous biased policy .

Beware when using it and do so at your own risk, For all the genuine ebayers out there im sure this has probably happened to you at least once and there not really much anyone can do about it, i on the other hand will be closing my paypal account and only accepting postal orders in the near future.


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