Robbed of my TV and Ebay helped to do it

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I am just so annoyed by what happened today I have to share it with people.

Basically I listed my TV for sale on Ebay. Everything seemed to be cool until I got a notice that my TV was sold with " buy it now" price.

Soon the guy contacted me and said that he just made a payment and will come and collect TV soon.

I checked my Paypal account and money was there, so I gave him my TV.

Less than 1 hour later he claimed that " someone else had been using his card" and Paypal refunded him money and I was left without my bloody TV. Ofcourse
I contacted Paypal and Ebay but they dont do anything to protect the seller and now all I can do is to go to police. But because it is not that expensive item I doubt
if they are going to do anything. What is worse because he only had couple of feed backs on his profile and has made this claim on Paypal my listing was canceled as well
so I cant even leave negative feedback to anyone. How stupid is that? Almost as if it never happened expect I just lost my TV???

I was stupid enough to ask him not to sign anything so I have no no proof that he took my TV either. I feel totally stupid and scammed and so disappointed with the
Paypal system automatically refunding any claim. It should not be that easy to trick people out of their goods.

Has anyone else had similar issues? Looking forward to hearing from them or to know what to do next............

The guys details on Paypal are-

Mark Davies
swoods6501    Note to seller
The buyer hasn't sent a note.
Shipping address - unconfirmed
Steve Woods
29 cline road
New Southgate, London
N11 2nf
United Kingdom

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