Robotboy RIP OFF!!!

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My son is a major Robotboy fan so obviously Robotboy merchandise is high on his list of Christmas gifts.
I first looked on ebay and found the prices ridiculous for a plastic figure that doesn't do anything so that prompted me to have a nosy elsewhere.
To my surprise I found one on an official website (I obviously can't give the address,against ebay rules) but don't google Robotboy,put in Cartoon Network shop but make sure you go the UK site not the US one.I found one at a fraction of the prices being asked on ebay.I paid £4.00 plus £2.17 for p&p.
Out of curosity,I kept checking the listings for Robotboy and discovered that a seller was selling them at over 3 times the price and was adding more money everytime I checked.
Christmas can be expensive at the best of times and I understand people try to make a few extra bucks but this is just a total rip off.The Robotboy figure seems to be the only item you can get and demand will be high as the show seems to be getting more popular.
Please take my advice and look elsewhere for your Robotboy goodies,I did and saved about £16 which I can use to buy my son something else.
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