Rogue sellers have similar selling procedures

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I have noticed a similarity that dishonest sellers have in common, here are some points to watch for when bidding with a potential criminal.
1. They do not answer questions that may disclose faults in their item.
2. They do not send you the photographs showing these faults
3. Slow on reply
4. Short reply lacking detail
5.If they do not send you additional photos it is very possible they do not have the item and it is a possible scam beware.
6.Read their feedback for ANY DISHONESTY in their transactions with other sellers, a leopard does not....
7. Do not bid.
8 Look very closely at any photos published that may reveal faults, if you notice something ask the seller to clarify your concern.
9. Small poor quality photos could be a deliberate attempt to conceal the truth.
10. If you can't see what your buying don't buy it.
11. If when asked for more photos the answer is we do not have anymore, I'm too busy, will publish more if I have time don't bid.
12. Ensure the seller knows how to pack it, its your item and you have every right to ask and insist on the way it is packed..
13. Long delays in answering are usually an indication things are not right.?
14. Honest sellers will answer all questions quickly and always be helpful and courteous.
15. Bidders who are related to the seller, bid. These bidders are asked by the seller to run the price up against the genuine bidder. They are easy to spot because their bidding history has no relation to the item.  Do not bid against this scam.
You can bet the seller will come back after the sale with a second chance offer. My advice is do not get involved.
Ebay is full of low life fraudsters which destroy its integrity.
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