Roland Cube 20XL Guide

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Roland Cube 20XL

   Today we are reviewing the Cube 20XL, the light weight modelling amp from Roland. This amp is geared towards the bedroom practice amp range, and while it’ll still go loud enough to annoy the neighbours it would struggle to compete with the drums at your local jam night.
Right, let’s start with the specs.
20-watt guitar amp with 8” high-performance speaker
Two channels: Independent JC Clean and Lead plus Solo function for extra boost Six Lead types, including the new Extreme amp
Nine effects, including the new Heavy Octave and COSM vintage Spring Reverb
Power Squeezer for full gain at low volume
Convenient audible tuner lets you tune your guitar without unplugging
 The Roland CUBE-20XL Guitar Combo Amp turns up the heat with new, ultra-heavy COSM amp models, hard-rockin’ effects, onboard phrase looping, and more.
From crystal clean to crushing metal, the Roland CUBE-20XL provides a mouth-watering menu of COSM amps and effects, including the massive Extreme, Heavy Octave, and Metal Zone, plus the legendary JC-120, Acoustic Guitar Simulator, vintage Spring Reverb, and more.
The Roland CUBE-20XL offers switchable Lead and Clean channels, with a third Solo channel. Hard, heavy, and tough as nails, the Roland CUBE-20XL will breathe fire into your music!
Right, now to the sounds.

The JC Clean channel is everything you’d expect from Roland’s legendary Jazz Chorus. It’s bright, clean with plenty of headroom and with the onboard effects you can create some lush sounds to please any guitarist.

When it comes to getting dirty the 20XL offers a divers array of distortion models. You get the extreme Metal Stack setting which gives you a modern metal sound that can chug away happily all day long. You can then work your way through the extremes right down to the Overdrive setting which gives you a nice general rock or blues setting. It’s also worth mentioning the Acoustic simulator give has a good attempt a recreating that acoustic sound. It’s not going to fool you into thinking you’re playing an old dreadnought but it has a good go.

All in all this little Roland is a great amp that has enough on it to keep any guitarist happy for many an hour, and for the price it really is a no-brainer.


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