Roland Fantom X8 Workstation Buying Guide

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If you are planning to buy a Roland Fantom X8 or any other high end workstation in eBay, beware that there are many fraud or scammer. Here's are the sign of them that you can spot in ebay listing:

- They usually list the item for a short period of time, i.e. 1 day. Think about it. If you are a serius seller, you   want maximum bidder, and naturally you will list it for 7 or 10 days.
- They always ask you to contact them for information on pick up or postage, that's when they may try to 
  make an offer to you .

- They usually have 0 feedback. Some of them even bother to sell a few low price item just to get positive
   feedback. Some of them only buying item, for the same reason.

- The starting price they offer is very low and without reserve. This is because they want to attract unaware 
   buyers. I had been tricked by the low price before. When it's too good to be true, it's fake!

- All scammers have bad english and grammar!!!! It's in their gene!

- They ask you to pay through Western Union. DON'T EVER PAY THROUGH THAT if you don't know the
   receiver! It's very unsafe and many people lost money already!

- They usually don't have "Paypal" in their listing. Even if they do have that logo, they will claim they have    problems with the account! and ask you to pay by Western Union!

- They will send fake invoice, called spoof, asking for payment. If you wanna see one of this, email me. I    received one from scammer. They look real, but most links are not clickable, unlike real ebay email.

- Bidders' identities are not exposed for privacy reason and this is exploited by scammer. Sometimes they may shill bidding just to increase the price. The main reason is to ensure you can't warn other bidders when you found out he is a scammers!

What should you do?

- Always ask for serial number or purchase receipt from seller. If they can't give you these, they are fake.

- Bid on their item so that you can request the seller contact number. Talk to them to ensure validity. That's   what I did in few cases. The scammer will use fake address and number anyway and you will know it by   then.

- Forward their fake invoice or whatever they send to

- Report the item once you sure its scammer.

Warning: There's a scammer selling one Fantom X8 right now (7 Nov 2007). Bid at your own risk.
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