Rolex Fakes

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Do not be fooled by people saying that Genuine Rolex Watches are,

Good Timekeepers Change the Date over at 12.00 o'Clock etc etc,

I have owned 12 Rolex Watches overs the past 15 years and out of the 12 I have had maybe 2 that were nearly accurate, I rang Rolex who told me that you buy a Rolex for the Name not the Accuracy, and that they (Rolex) regards + or - 3 Minutes per week to be "Accurate".

I quoted a £4.00 Casio from Argos being absolutely to the Second Accurate, and was told that as the Rolex Watch I had was Mechanical I could not possibly expect it to be Accurate anyway. ?????????

I bought an Omega Seamaster Automatic, and yes absolutely Accurate to the Second.


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