Romantic Short Break Ideas

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Romantic Short Break Ideas

A short break is a mini vacation. For some, it is a long weekend getaway, and for others it consists of a few days taken off during what would be a typical workweek. Going on a romantic short break allows partners the chance to reconnect with one another and re-energise their relationship. Hopefully, upon returning from a romantic short break, couples feel renewed and refreshed.

When planning a romantic short break, keep in mind what activities each partner most enjoys and try to cater towards these preferences. If clueless as to where to start, consider the U.K. locations listed below, some of which are sure to stir up some romance. Once the location is chosen, decide when to take the short break as well as what accommodations are desired. Be sure to also consider a budget before making any reservations. With a little planning and perseverance, couples can create a memorable, romantic short break.

Romantic Short Break Activities

There are so many activities to choose from when planning a romantic short break. Thus, couples should consider their interests first. Asking a few questions helps determine what types of activities best suites the couple.


Suggested Activities

Does the couple like to be active outdoors?

Hiking, biking, camping

Does the couple like to be active in the water?

Boating, swimming, and fishing

Does the couple like to relax near the water?


Does the couple like history?

Touring museums, historical towns

Does the couple seek entertainment?

Theatre, symphony

Does the couple enjoy trying different foods?

Town or city with many restaurant choices

Using the suggestions on the chart can be a starting point for planning. It may be helpful for each person to make a list of what activities sound most appealing. Then, together, look for places that offer all of these ideas. If the perfect place that encompasses all of these things cannot be found, compromise and choose a location for one person this time with the promise of the next short break being designed for the other partner.

Ideal Places in the U.K. for Romance

Although it is important to think about each person's interests when planning a short break, there are a few ideal places in the U.K. for couples to renew their relationships and spark romance. Each destination offers different ideas to get the couple thinking about what they prefer to get out of their getaway.

Warwick Castle

Founded in 1068 by William the Conqueror, Warwick Castle is a real medieval castle, full of fairytale themes, such as princesses, knights, and true love. Guests can tour the castle's interior and exterior, watch medieval entertainment, embark on an adventure, or dine in a royal restaurant. The ideal place to propose, a potential suitor can even dress up as a knight in shining armour when popping the question.

Lover, Wiltshire

Perfect for a short break is the village of Lover. Long ago, romantics sent their Valentines from here just to have the Lover postmark on the envelope. Although the post office closed years ago, there are still plenty of romantic, picturesque places to see in Lover. The town sits on the edge of the New Forest National Park, and couples can take moonlit walks in the woods.

Burgh Island

A tidal island that sits off of Devon's English Riviera, Burgh Island is private and pristine. Couples should check out the legendary Burgh Island Hotel, which was built in 1929 and renovated in 2006 to reflect the elegance and glamour of its glory days. The hotel has a variety of unique rooms, and guests can spend their time walking along the shore, getting massages, or playing billiards. The hotel also hosts balls and other black tie events for guests looking for some romance.

Jewellery Quarter

Couples who enjoy shopping should consider a stay in Birmingham, a town that crafts 40 per cent of the U.K.'s jewellery. Here, lovers can profess their devotion to one another by creating their own handmade rings in one of the many jewellery shops. A fun place to shop and dine, couples should also stop in the Pen Room Museum and write special messages to one another in quill.

The Perfect Time to Take a Romantic Short Break

Although a couple may prefer to throw caution to the wind and plan a last-minute short break, they often benefit from a bit of planning. In the U.K., just as in other parts of Europe, there are three main travel seasons, and when travelling, couples should keep these in mind. Lodging, eating, and activity rates are greatly affected by the time of travel.


High or Peak Season

Mid- or Shoulder Season

Low or Off Season

Time Frame

May to September

October to November

December to April


Warm weather; longer days for travelling; more attractions and activities open

Moderate temperatures; less crowded; less expensive

Not crowded; less expensive; discounts and deals abound


Very crowded; possibility of very hot weather; most expensive

Weather quickly changes; some attractions closed

Shorter days; cold temperatures; rainy season; some attractions closed

Short break packages are less expensive during the low season. However, it is never a bad time to search for a short break package; some may find that last-minute short break packages are available and affordable.

Lodging for a Romantic Short Break

One factor that greatly impacts cost is the type of lodging the couple desires. Within each category rests a wide price range, so be sure to research to find the best rates. Keep in mind the travel season when booking accommodations.

Bed and Breakfast/Inn

A bed and breakfast is a perfect spot for a romantic getaway for two. Such inns offer intimate accommodations and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Operated by innkeepers who often live at or near the inn, bed and breakfasts offer a personalised place to stay. Bed and breakfasts are usually housed in large, old homes that have been remodelled to accommodate guests, and they offer a limited number of rooms. Many times, the rooms are decorated with different themes, and guests enjoy unique, comfortable rooms and bathrooms. One of perks of staying at an inn is the breakfast served, which typically consists of a large, home cooked meal.

Holiday Village

A holiday village is a resort where visitors stay in villas or on campsites. Most times, the villas or campsite surround a central area that has shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Holiday villages are most often found in a country setting and promote outdoor activities.


A hotel is a large facility that has many guest rooms. The accommodations and amenities that hotels offer are endless. Some hotels offer rooms with a view of the surrounding city. Other hotels boast Jacuzzis in the bathrooms. Still others lure guests with promises of a large continental breakfast. Pools, fitness centres, restaurants, and bars are often found in hotels. Within the U.K., there are a plethora of hotel chains to choose from, including the expensive QHotels or affordable Premier Inns.


Within and around the U.K., there are many castles that have been remodelled on the inside so that they resemble hotels. However, much of the exterior remains original, affording the couple the opportunity to stay in a real castle, making them feel like true kings and queens. Rooms and meals vary by location, just as in a standard hotel.

Cottage or Flat

Couples should also consider renting a cottage or flat for a romantic short break. Especially during the low season, couples can usually find a cottage or flat to rent for a few days. An advantage of renting a cottage or flat is that all the comforts of home are available, such as full kitchens and washing machines and driers. If staying in a cottage near the water, beach chairs and towels are often available. Having such items reduces the amount of packing couples need to do.

Budgeting for a Romantic Short Break

Planning a short break varies greatly in price. The cost is determined by the type of activity and accommodations the couple chooses as well as when the pair travels. To properly budget, couples should decide where they want to spend the majority of their money. For example, do they want to stay at a cheaper hotel so they can afford expensive theatre tickets? Or do they prefer to travel during the low season but stay in the most luxurious accommodations? Choosing a budget straight away prevents couples from overspending. Take the time to do some calculations beforehand to prevent the short break from breaking the bank.

Using eBay to Plan a Romantic Short Break

When making travel plans for a romantic short break, consult eBay. It is a valuable resource for vacation planning. Best of all, using eBay saves time and money.

One of the easiest ways to begin looking for your ideal romantic getaway on eBay is to enter exactly what you desire into the search box on the home page. For example, enter the phrase "short break". From here, you are presented with multiple search results as well as additional filters to narrow down the listings. If you know the area in which you wish to travel, be sure to include this (e.g. "Yorkshire short breaks"). For a more refined search, use the Advanced Search feature.

When searching for your romantic getaway on eBay, you are sure to find many suitable options from a variety of sellers. Through eBay's partnership with PayPal, shoppers are promised a safe and secure shopping experience. Booking your travel through eBay is convenient and cost-effective.


When planning a romantic short break, couples should first identify what they most like to do together, such as hiking or camping, or more relaxing activities, such as lounging in the sun or getting massages. If surprising a partner, there are a few ideal places in the U.K. designed to make the sparks fly. When planning the getaway, create a budget and check rates during the various travelling seasons, remembering that off season dates are often more affordable than during the high season. In addition to the time of travel, also consider the type of accommodations that are most comfortable, such as a quaint bed and breakfast or a large, glamourous hotel. Be sure to check out eBay for a host of short break opportunities as well. During their short break, couples can reconnect with one another and recommit themselves to their relationship.

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