Ronson Lighter Flints

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NEVER store lighters without removing flints.

Ronson produced hard flints in gold called Firebronze and a softer red one called Redskin and it doesn't stop there as paints not only signified types, they protected flintstone that is so suseptable to humid atmospheres.

I hear a cleverclog saying; "but I've left flints in my lighters for ages".  Maybe, but it's luck and here's why: In the factory Ronsons inspected each lighter with a test fill and struck it  to ensure the gas lit. These strikes removed paint from the top of  flints and even if a lighter is unused the flint can corrode. 

Corrosion of a flint can cause problems as it welds itself to the inside of a flint tube. "That's okay" says cleverclogs again, "I can remove it." Well maybe you can, but one false move and you will cut a hole in the soft brass tube causing a gas leak that can not be repaired.  Good bye lighter!

So I repeat, never leave flints in lighters. Please look at the brown corrosion marks on the inside of presentation cases that have been stored for years and you will realise that nowhere is exempt  from humidity or moisture.



Art King (Ex Ronson)  

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