Rotating Hassard warning Light

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Rotating Hasard Warning Light

Electric Shortcut  -  Circuit Guide

To avoid running a lead from your cigar-lighter in the 'Towing -  vehicle' 

to the ( Rotating-Hasard-Warning-light on  the)  rear of the trailer.  

Open the 'Male' section on the tow-trailer light-coupling.

Using the instuction manual for a = 'N' type (7pin) coupling

Join your positive + (red/brown) Wire to number (7) = Sidelights

The Earth-wire to number (3) (Earth). {number (3) is positioned at 3/clock}.

Test with your Side-Ligjhts ON? {REF the motor to start Rotation-light }.

--------            --------------          -----------                --------------
This is only if you require an extra light on your trailer/caravan towing-curcit.

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