RoughStuffs's Guide to Grindhouse/Exploitation Film

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RoughStuffs's Quick Guide to Grindhouse/Exploitation Film

What is Grindhouse?

Characteristically contain large amounts of sex, violence or bizarre subject matter. Quality normally poor and grainy, low budget production values and poor print quality were common. Critical opinions varied regarding typical grindhouse fare, but many films acquired cult following and critical praise.
Exploitation film examples

Here are just a few films (from my collection) that are classed as "Exploitation films"

A Clockwork Orange
Barbed Wire Dolls
Bay of Blood
Black Sunday
Blood On Satans Claw
Cannibal Apocalypse
Cannibal Ferox I
Cannibal Ferox II
Cannibal Holocaust
Cannibal Man
Dead and Buried
Deep River Savages
Diary of a Sinner
Driller Killer
Faces of Death
Hitch Hike
House on the Edge of The Park
Ichi The Killer
Ilsa She Wolf Collection
I Spit on Your Grave
Island of Death
Jungle Holocaust
Last house on The Left
Men Behind The Sun
Mountain Of The Cannibal God
Natural Born Killers
Peeping Tom
Romper Stomper
SS Camp Womens Hell
Tetsuo The Iron Man
The Candy Snatchers
The Beyond
The Witch Who Came From The Sea
Titicut Follies
Traces of Death
Traces of Death II
Vistor Q
Women Behind Bars

If you would like further infomation about grindhouse/exploitation flicks feel free to contact me! I will be more than happy to answer you questions and recommend films to you.

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