Router Port Forward

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Xbox 360
UDP 53, 80, 1863, 3074
TCP 53, 80, 1863, 3074 

In your Router you should have a Tab Page called Applications Gaming. Inside this Tab you should have sub sections that include: Port Range Forwarding, Single Port Forwarding & DMZ.

Port Range will normally be used if your Game or Media device needs ports that are close together routed to them.
Such as: Ports 1245 and 1246 and 1247 so we can enter a range forward of 1245 - 1247.
If ports: 1240 and 1343 are needed then also you may port forward 1240 - 1343 to you media devices IP.

Like with Steam Game servers such as CSS or HLDM they will all use 270xx so If you have a server machine or wish to host all servers from one computer,
Just set up a Port Range Forward: UDP & TCP: 27000 - 27100
This will allow 100 servers to be hosted on your computer.

DMZ is useful if you may have 1 Computer and 1 Media device such as Xbox or PS or TV etc.
In DMZ set this to the device you use most just enter your IP: for example. Then all ports that are not in Range forwarding or Single forwarding will be routed to this IP. Useful if you have issues with standard port forwarding. As routers can differ.
Once this is done you can still use standard port forwarding as normal but remember port forwarding will override the IP location of DMZ.

DMZ can compremize some security and people may be discouraged against this. Gamers you have no worry. This may help is some games. such as Xbox 360's Halo 3.
How many times have you had limited connection problems?
DMZ to your Xbox with all other port forwarding turned off will fix this in 99% of cases.

I use a Linksys Router for BT connection. Cisco Cert.
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