Royal Mail Strike - 31st October 2016

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Royal Mail has a teeeeeeeny strike... unfortunately affecting items I send!

Anddddddd breaaaaath!!!  I'm having a minor panic attack, but it shouldn't really cause much of an issue really, but it may cause a minor delay to any items I send.  Please note this if ordering anything from me.

Royal Mail has a strike, unfortunately.  From their site they mention that 97% of the service will continue as normal... but in a major annoyance (arrrrghhhhh), the post office I use is one of the 3% that is unfortunately closed.  D'oh!!  I know.  Really. 

For this reason, please bear in mind that I will be unable to post any items on Monday 31st October 2016.  Rest assured, any items will be sent on Tuesday the 1st November 2016!

Please see the Royal Mail website for info, located at: PostOffice dot co dot uk slash strike-action (apologies, cannot add a link to this page... it's on the Royal Mail/Post Office website)

I am really sorry for this, it will be sent on Tuesday!  This shouldn't have much effect on the service, but it could cause a slight delay overall as they catch up - but it should be okay and not cause too much of an issue.
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