Royal mail Claims and inflated postage charges

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Royal mail has recently introduced a new form P58 (claims for lost and damaged items)

This form now comes in two versions, UK and International claims.

The interesting point in respect to all Ebay purchases is that there is now a special tick box for Ebay sellers.

In conversation with my business customer service asking why this has been applied to the claims process for missing or damaged items the response should be one all Ebay buyers and sellers should be aware for their own trading on Ebay.

Firstly, this special box that has to be ticked for any Ebay related sale or purchase has to purposes.

1. To verify the price paid by the buyer, this is not being the true retail price, but the prices paid in auction or buy it now.
2. To provide Royal Mail with a copy of the Sale/s and the URL of the relevant item.

This also has another reason, if any seller is charging inflated shipping charges, say for instance £20.00 and selling at £0.99 if you submitted a P58 Claim you would only receive from Royal Mail £0.99p in compensation. Although the retail price might be £19.00 and you paid a seller £20.99 you will not be compensated with this. You only will be paid the price paid, and this is £0.99p.

So when purchasing from any seller on Ebay you must be very aware that in any possible claim you will only be compensated providing you can provide the following items:

1. A copy of the Ebay page with price paid, not shipping price.
2. A copy of the Paypal transaction.
3. A copy of bank statement with price paid

In all claims YOU have to provide the evidence of price paid and documented evidence in order to have a valid claim.

Recently Royal mail have also brought in something regarding damaged good s that have been received overseas, this is one I find rather troublesome as a business.  Royal mail will request and item damaged to be returned if your buyer cannot provide a picture of the said damage, not everybody has digital cameras. So they will request the return of the damaged goods to the UK at YOUR expense. So if the item cost say £5.00 to send and was only sold for £3.00 and would cost £5.00 to return to the Uk you will face a lose of £8.00 in pursuing a claim against the postal services, plus either refund or replace the damaged goods. A very good opt out from paying a claim from Royal mail.

The moral of this guide is very simple:

Do not purchase anything from any Ebay seller that is charging inflated postage charges as you will not be compensated for inflated postage charges. 

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