Rules & Regulations of Muay Thai Part 2

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The chairman of the match committee may authorize a correction to the final result asfollows:
13.1. If the referee makes a decision significantly contrary to the normal rules andpractice.
13.2. If it is discovered that the judges have made a conspicuous score sheet error.

14.1. To appoint the referee and judges for each match and promotion.
14.2. To monitor and improve the standards of the referee and judges and ensuringconformity to the rules and standard practice.
14.3. To verify that the referee and judges perform their duty and responsibilities andto advise the World Muay Thai Council if any irregularity takes place.
14.4. To solve any prior problem regarding the promotion, reporting the result to theCouncil committee.
14.5. Make the decision to the referee and the judges.
14.6. To verify the score sheet to ensure that:a. The score has been tallied correctly.b. The name of the fighters are correct.c. The correct winner has been named.d. To authenticate the score sheet and inspect the score.e. To announce the result of the match to the audience.
14.7. To make any decision in case that the referee or judges could not continue.
14.8. To report to the Council Committee, the name of any boxer who violates the rulesor shows poor performance.

A. Seating for the timekeeper and announcer will be located next to the ring.

B. Duties And ResponsibilitiesThe timekeeper must keep precisely, the timing of each round and the breaks, followingthe referee's instructions to start or stop. The following procedures are to be used:
1. A five seconds warning is to be given prior to the start of each round, to enable theseconds to clear the ring.
2. A bell is used to signal the start and end of each round.
3. To deduct the break time as per the referee s instructions.
4. Ensure all timings are correct by using both a watch and stop clock.
5. In the case of a boxer receiving the count during rounds 1-4 and the round timeends (3 minutes), the bell should be rung immediately after the referee finishes thecount and orders the boxers to continue.
6. In the final round, the bell should be rung immediately when the round timingpasses 3 minutes, even if the referee is still counting.

C. Announcer's Duties
1. To announce the fighter's names, corner and weight prior to the fight and again asthe boxers arrive in the ring.
2. To order the seconds to leave the ring when the bell rings.
3. To announce the round number at the start and finish of each round.
4. To announce the winner's name and corner, when the referee raises the boxer'shand.

This should conform to the following rules and regulations:
16.1. A Knock-Out (KO) is awarded when the opponent is knocked down and unableto continue within the 10 second count.
16.2. A Technical Knock-Out (T.K.O.) is awarded:
16.2.1. When a boxer is seriously hurt or weakened.
16.2.2. When a boxer cannot continue the match after the break.
16.2.3. On the doctor's recommendation, when the referee is unsure whether a boxercan continue the match due to injury or being seriously weakened.
16.2.4. Both boxers are seriously injured and cannot continue the match; If less thanthree rounds: a draw is declared; If three rounds have been reached, individual scoredecides.
16.2.5. Receiving a count twice in the same round and unable to continue the match.16.3. Winning due to the opponent's retirement because of injury.
16.4. Winning due to the opponent's violation of the rules.
16.5. Winning on points.
16.6. "No decision" as a result of both parties colluding together to cheat or not fightingproperly.
16.7. "No contest" as a result of the ring being damaged and the match not being ableto continue, or if an external event occurs during the fight, causing it to be stopped.16.8. Equal Score.
16.8.1. When both boxers' scores are equal.
16.8.2. When both boxers receive a count of 10.

The standard scoring practice is as follows :
A: A strike either by a punch, kick, knee or elbow.1. Scoring from a strike:
1.1. Points will be awarded for a correct Thai Boxing style, combined with hard andaccurate strikes.
1.2. Points will be awarded for aggressive and dominating Muay Thai skill.
1.3. Points will be awarded for a fighter actively dominating his opponent.
1.4. Points will be awarded for the use of a traditional Thai style of defense andcounter-attack.
1.5. Points will be deducted from a boxer who fouls or breaks the rules.
2. Non scoring strikes:
2.1. A strike which is against the rules.
2.2. A strike in defense against the leg or rim of an opponent.
2.3. A weak strike.

B. Fouls.
1. The judges will deduct points for any foul as directed by the referee.
2. Any foul observed by the judges but not by the referee, will be penalizedaccordingly.

C. Method Of Scoring
1. The maximum score for each round is 10 points, the loser scoring either 9, 8 or 7.
2. A drawn round will be scored as 10 points for both boxers.
3. The winner and loser in an indecisive round, will score 10:9 respectively.
4. The winner and loser in a decisive round will score 10:8 respectively.
5. The winner and loser in an indecisive round with a single count, will score 10:8respectively.
6. The winner and loser in a decisive round with a single count, will score 10:7respectively.
7. The boxer scoring 2 counts against his opponent will score 10:
7.8. Any boxer who commits a foul will have points deducted from his score.

18.1. Biting, eye gouging, spitting, or head butting.
18.2. Wrestling, back or arm locks or any similar judo or wrestling hold.
18.3. Deliberately falling on his opponent.18.4. Holding the ropes for any reason.
18.5. Swearing or the use of abusive language during the match.
18.6. Knocking out or injuring his opponent after the referee has ordered the match tostop for any reason.
18.7. Deliberately striking the groin area. To be penalized by the deduction of 1 point for each time committed. A boxer who has been hit in the groin, may request a 5 minute break before continuing the match.

19.1. Definition
19.1.1. Any part of the body touching the floor except the feet.
19.1.2. Leaning against the ropes in a state of unconsciousness.
19.1.3. Knocked out of the ring.
19.1.4. Inability to defend himself.
19.2. During a count, the referee will direct the opposing boxer to stand in the oppositecorner. If he does not, the referee shall stop the count until he does so and thencontinue. The match will not continue until directed by the referee.
19.3. The count interval will be at I second intervals, from 1 to 10. During the count, thereferee will signal, with his hand, to ensure that the boxer receiving the countunderstands.
19.4. A boxer on receiving a count, cannot continue the match prior to a count of 8 andloses immediately on receiving a count of 10.
19.5. If both boxers fall down, the referee will direct the count to the last one that fell.If both boxers receive a 10 count, a draw will be declared. Should the boxers leanagainst each other whilst sitting up, the referee will stop counting at that time.
19.6 If one of the boxers subsequently falls down again, the referee will continue thecount.
19.7 A boxer not ready to fight again after a break when the bell rings, will receive acount, unless caused by a problem with his attire.

The doctor shall be appointed and certified by the appropriate Council committee.

21.1 Perform a physical check of the boxers prior to the weigh-in.
21.2 Be in attendance during the program until the last fight.
21.3 Perform a physical check of the boxers after each match and specify the restperiod.

22.1 All boxers will be certified by the doctor prior to the start of any fight and mustnot be suffering from any sickness or exhibit any prohibited symptom or disease, asspecified in the medical manual of the Council.
22.2 Any boxer due to fight in a foreign country, will be physically examined by adoctor appointed by the Council Committee. He must also conform to the medicalregulations of that country.

23.1 If a boxer is knocked unconscious or injured, only the doctor and the referee are allowed in the ring. Any others may only enter at the doctor's discretion.
23.2 A boxer losing by a K.O. or T.K.O. will be immediately treated and undergo aphysical examination by the doctor.
23.3 Recovery Period - After a match, a boxer is required to rest for a minimum of 21 days prior to fighting again, with the following exceptions:
23.3.1. A winner in the first round is required to rest a minimum of 7 days prior to his next fight.
23.3.2. The winner in the third round is required to rest a minimum of 14 days prior tohis next fight.
23.3.3. A boxer losing by T.K.O. or KO must rest for a minimum of 30 days prior to hisnext fight.
23.3.4. A boxer specified under Items 23.3.1 - 23.3.3, must be examined by the doctor at the end of each fight, who will then specify his rest period.

24.1 The use of drugs or stimulants, either before or after the fight is strictly forbidden.Any user will be disqualified.24.2 The sole drug allowed for the prevention of bleeding is Adrenaline 1:1000 and mustbe administered under a doctor's directions.

The Chairman or Referee will have the final decision on the interpretation or on anyitem not covered under these rules and regulations.

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