Runescape 'Free To Play' Newbies Starter Guide, Part 1

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The aim of this guide is to enable an absolute beginner complete the tutorial and start Runescape avoiding the pitfalls of having no gold not knowing where to go and dying.

I have split the guide into 3 parts:

Part 1:  Intro and Tips for Tutorial Island
Part 2:  Preparing your character to collect 10,000 gold
Part 3:  Collecting 10,000 gold and other tips

This Guide does not intent to compete with the numerous and excellent fan produced guides available on the web.

It is more of a 'primer' to enable you to enjoy the main features of the game by acquiring 10,000 gold pieces, pointing out some key locations avoiding death at the start of the game when you are most vulnerable.

Type 'Runescape Guide' or 'Runescape Quests' in your search engine and you will see numerous guides appear, avoid any which require some form of payment, as there is lots of information for free.

Once you have created a character you will be taken to 'Tutorial Island'.

Each instructor will demonstrate a skill; the first tip is that you can practice each skill until level 3 is reached.

It is worth getting your skills to level 3 here as you will be near the resource, once you get to the main game the resources are located in different locations, walking in the game is slow and soon becomes tedious.

Recommended skills to train up to level 3:

- Woodcutting
- Fire Making
- Fishing
- Cooking
- Mining
- Smithing

The fighting skills, I did enough to get through the tutorial as once you get to the main game there are lots of places for you to practice these skills.

If you do want to practice your fighting skills here, a tip is to keep the loaves of bread you made so you can heal yourself if you get hit (Eating will regenerate life).

On leaving Tutorial Island you will arrive in front of Lumbridge Castle with the following default start items:

- Bronze Axe
- Bronze Pick
- Bronze Knife
- Tinderbox
- Fishing net
- Cooked Shrimp
- Empty Bucket
- Empty Pot
- Bread
- Short Bow
- 4 x Earth Runes
- 25 x Air Runes
- 15 x Mind Runes
- 6 x Water Runes
- 2 x Body Runes
- 25 Pieces of gold in the Bank

If like me you tried hoard items (Over 20 Bronze Bars) from Tutorial Island, unfortunately they will disappear when you appear in front of Lumbridge Castle.

You will be left with the default start items mentioned above

The next part of the guide deals with preparing your character to collect 10,000 gold pieces.


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