Runescape 'Free To Play' Newbies Starter Guide, Part 2

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The second part of the guide will prepare you to collect 10,000 gold pieces by pointing out some key locations.  This is done by completing a quest “The Cook's Assistant”.
OK, you have finished Tutorial Island and you’re in front of Lumbridge Castle, all you have is the ‘default starter’ items in your pack.

You will notice there are lots of people in this location they will be chatting begging for gold/items or trying to trade.

Ignore everyone them. You are on a mission!

Phase 1:  The Cook's Assistant Quest
Why do this quest first, I hear you say (Yup my PC is that good ;-)

The answer is:
- That the items required for the quest you have already (empty bucket & empty pot)
- You don’t have to fight anything, therefore no danger
- You will learn the location of the following places:
- Lumbridge Castle Kitchen
- Lumbridge Bank
- Lumbridge Wheatfield
- Lumbridge Windmill
- Lumbridge Chicken Farm
- Lumbridge Cow Pen
- To get the quest, head into Lumbridge Castle on the South side ground floor, there is a room with white & black floor tiles, this is the kitchen (Lumbridge Castle Kitchen)  enter and speak to the cook.

The cook has to bake a cake for the King but he is missing three ingredients, Pot of flour, an egg and a bucket of milk.

Just before you sprint off into the distance a tip, arm yourself with the sword & shield, empty the contents of your pack (apart from the bucket, pot and shrimps) in the Lumbridge Bank.

The Lumbridge Bank is located on the top floor of Lumbridge Castle

You are now ready to do the quest. 

I will not give you a step by step guide as there is so many websites that have done it already, just type 'Runescape Guide' or 'Runescape Quests' in your search engine to get more detailed information.

First go to Lumbridge Wheatfield pick a sheaf of wheat

Go to Lumbridge Windmill, Mill the wheat and collect it into your pot.

Next go to Lumbridge Chicken Farm, this can get quite crowded with people killing chickens to develop their fighting skills. 

There are two ‘spawn’ points for eggs, the first is in the middle of the chicken shed the other is on the North West wall of the shed.

Note, a lot of people when training their fighting skill tend to leave the ‘drops’ of the kills in order to concentrate on leveling up.

When a chicken is killed it leaves the chicken body, bones and 5 feathers.

The body can be cooked and by eating it, life points are regenerated.

The bones can be buried and increases the ‘Prayer’ skill.

The feathers can be collected and sold at the Grand Exchange for up to 6 Gold pieces each. [The price varies 4-6 gold pieces]

Once you have your egg, you may want to collect feathers for a while (they ‘stack’ so you will only lose one slot in your inventory pack) which can be sold at the Grand Exchange.

If other people are picking up feathers just move to the last part of the quest.

Getting the milk.

Go to Lumbridge Cow Pen.  As a rule this area is quite busy with people killing cows.

The reason they are killing cows is twofold, some are just leveling up their fighting skills or collecting the 'drops' from dead cows in order to sell them.

A dead cow will leave a ‘strip of beef’, ‘bones’ and a ‘cowhide’.

A strip of beef can be cooked, by eating the cooked beef, life points are regenerated.

The bones are buried which increases the ‘Prayer’ skill.

Cowhides can be sold at the Grand Exchange for 100 gold pieces (this is the method of collecting 10,000 gold pieces).

Look for the Dairy Cow, enter the pen turn left you will see a lone cow with a woman next to it, hover the cursor to confirm it is the dairy cow, left click and your bucket will fill up with milk.

You now have all the items to complete the quest, before returning to the cook, you should have some empty slots in your inventory pack it is a good idea to fill them before returning to Lumbridge Castle.

Many people will be training their fighting skills so they will not bother collecting the ‘drops’, so this is a good area to collect free items.

Bones collect and bury them immediately to level your payer points

Beef strips collect about 10 so they can be cooked to provide a means of life points regeneration.

The rest of the spaces in your pack should be filled with Cowhides.

Once your inventory is full, return to the cook give him the ingredients, the reward for completing this quest is:

- 300 Cooking XP points
- 1 Quest Point
- The ability to use Lumbridge Castle stove
(Talk to the cook after completing the quest and he will give you permission to use the stove)
The next part of the guide will show you how to collect your 10,000 gold pieces and a few other tips

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