Runescape 'Free To Play' Newbies Starter Guide, Part 3

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This final part of the guide will show how to get your 10,000 pieces of gold, give you some advice on staying alive and any other random tips which may come to mind.

After getting the reward from the cook, it is a good idea while in the kitchen to cook all the meat in your inventory pack.

If you get a message stating "You do not have permission to use this", talk to the cook and he will give you permission to use the stove.

Go to the bank deposit all your items so your inventory is empty, you can now go back to the cow pen and collect hides, your aim is to collect 100 or more, as your inventory has 28 slots this means after 4 trips to the cow pen you will have enough cowhides to sell for 10,000 gold pieces, if it is particularly busy and lots of cowhides are being in left collecting extra cowhides will mean more money ;-).

If on the rare occasion there is no one in the cow pen, withdraw 24 gold pieces from the bank, and go to Lumbridge General Store (you passed this on the way to the Lumbridge Windmill), buy 12 empty buckets, then go to the cow pen and fill the buckets with milk.

The milk can be sold for 76 gold pieces [Check Info] at the Grand Exchange, so you turn your initial 24 gold pieces into 912 gold pieces.
If the cow pen is still deserted (this would be unusual) go to the chicken farm and collect feathers.

Once you have 100 cowhides (or more) go to the Grand Exchange

To get to the Grand Exchange go North past Draynor Manor at the Barbarian Village go East over the bridge head North towards the Cook’s Guild and the Grand Exchange is located North  and slight East of the  Cook’s Guild.

Best way to get there look at the ‘World Map’ on the game or check the bigger maps available in the many guides on the net.

Tip.  When you travel to the Grand Exchange ensure your inventory only contains 4 strips of cooked beef (incase you need to regenerate life), if you get attacked and die only 3 items will be restored when you spawn back into the game.

At the Grand Exchange there is a Bank Clerk so you can access your items in order to sell them at the Grand Exchange

Tip.  Walk to the Grand Exchange if you are attacked you can ‘switch’ to run and make your escape.

Once you have sold your items you should have over 10,000 gold pieces, now you can buy item to arm your character, what you buy is determined by the type character you want to create.  Warrior, Mage or Ranger.

Tip.  If you intend to make a Mage,  while you're at The Grand Exchange buy the 4 coloured beads (Red, Yellow, Black and White) for the 'Imp Catcher' quest, then all you have to do is get to the Wizards Tower, talk to Wizard Mizgog and you finish the quest, the reward is 875 magic experience which takes your Magic XP to about Level 6.

If you want more magic XP 'Witch's Potion' quest and get another 325 Magic XP

You are now ready to teleport back to Lumbridge and start to train your skills.

Refer to the excellent guides online on how to do this.

I would kill the small level 1 rats in Lumbridge Castle till I reached level 4, got to the Chicken Farm and kill chickens till level 10 then go to the Cow Pen kill cows.

Tip.  If you are being attacked and find your life level getting low, RUN to safety, remember that if you die when you re-spawn only the 3 highest value items will be retained, the rest you lose!

To get more information go to the online guides.

I will update this guide and check some of the information on item prices; I will also check how long it takes to collect 100 cowhides.  I was going to do this over the Easter holidays but I have delayed the ‘test’ and do it on a more average day.

I have just become a member, my tip for you if you are about to do the same, is get any skill which you have ignored to level 30 or more (Why pay to train ‘free to play’ skills like what I am having to do), as many of the quests have minimum requirements for skill levels.

If you have any suggestions let me know.

As ever your vote is appreciated

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