Runescape Moneymaking Guides

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I am writing this guide to help you be pleased with your purchases and to help you stay safe.

There are many out-dated and digitally delivered guides on eBay. This is prohibited and can get the user banned for this offence.


Here are a few things to look out for when buying runescape guides:

  1. Don't buy anything to do with accounts. If someone is selling an account with a money-making guide, it's obviously not worth it and probably a scam.
  2. Read the description carefully. If it so much as hints as to being an email, report the item to eBay by scrolling down and pressing the "Report This Item" text.
  3. Don't buy anything old or too new. For example, if someone is selling a "2009 summer/autumn" edition, then they are too lazy to update it and don't care about the customers. Likewise, if they are selling a "2008" edition then it's old and outdated, so it will probably be bad.
  4. If you're unsure of whether it's an email or not, ask the seller about how it will be delivered to ensure your happiness.
  5. If it is an email, don't be tempted to buy it as it isn't very easy to read a Word Document and play runescape at the same time, as well as the fact that even a Word Document can contain a virus.
  6. Check the seller's feedback. If anyone states that it is digitally delivered or just plain unhelpful, then don't buy it or you may be dissapointed.

It isn't true that all Runescape Moneymaking guide are bad. Try and buy ones that are real books, have good feedback attatched to them and have good description.

If you have any enquiries, ask me a question. If you are unsure of a guide, remember to ask the seller before buying, or just don't get it at all!


Thanks for reading,


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