S&W Co2 powered Revolver.

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This is a Co2 powered handgun with a 4 inch barrel, it really does look and feel like the geniune article, swing out the cylinder and load up with a fresh magazine of pellets, this gun can be fired in single or double action, fire the gun in double action which is slightly slower but gives more in terms of accuracy, in single action you can fire of a full magazine of pellets just as fast as you can pull the trigger!  swing open one side of the pistols grip and drop in a fresh Co2 powerlett...you are now ready to rock and Roll !!

PLEASE do not be tempted to carry this pistol out in public, chances are very high that you will be mistaken for a bank robber, or worse, a terrorist, this will of course  cause panic amongst the general public, please note, if the police armed response unit attend there is a very good chance that you could be shot and killed, is it really worth the risk just to impress your mates?

Using the S&W is most certainly addictive, make sure that you always have spare tins of pellets, and just as importantly make sure that you have a good stock of Co2 powerlets!

The S&W ...despite its good looks, it is primarily a fun gun...a plinker, it is not accurate enough to use as a target pistol...nor is it powerful enough to use for hunting.

Have fun and be safe, always treat a weapon...even an airgun, as if it is loaded, also, NEVER point an air pistol / rifle at anyone, follow these simple rules, and still have fun!!

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GUIDE JULY 2009, By Ken Lambourne.


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