SAAB 9000 Fuel Filter Change (from M94 to M97 only).

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Fuel Filter Change (from M94 to M97 only).

(Please read all of this before starting the job).

(How To)


Tools required..

M8 Socket, short extension and ratchet

M18 Open ended spanner

M16 Open ended spanner

Bowl to catch some petrol that will spill out.


1 Filter

2 16M Copper washers

2 18M Copper washers



Jack car up and place on stands.

Look for this .....It's the FILTER.


Slacken both Banjo screws

Let some petrol spill out, it is under pressure, so beware. !

1: Unscrew 14M Banjo screw


2: Unscrew 18M Banjo screw


Look for small bolt


3; Unscrew 8M Bolt and remove U bracket and drop Filter.


4:  Put a copper washer onto screw feed screw into banjo, place other copper washer over end of screw

5:  Offer up Filter, making sure the the flow arrow points to the front of the car, now screw in above screw to finger tight.

6: Repeat #4 with other screw.

7: Now screw in the other screw to finger tight.

8; Replace 'U' bracket, this can be fiddly so be careful and make sure that the inside 'U' fits in its place.

9: Screw in 8M bolt and tighten

10: Tighten both Banjo Screws, firmly.

11: check for leaks:,

12; Fire up motor, this may take a few turns for her to fire up.

13: With motor running check for leaks;

14: If all well, a job well done.

15; Go down to PUB for a few pints a job well done.

Hope this is of help to those that read, Please visit my shop.

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Thanks again for your time


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