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i  recently purchased two sets of SADDAM HUSSEIN BANK NOTES from another ebay member. now, bearing in mind that EBAY state, and i quote-CONVERT YOUR PURCHASE S INTO CASH. very nice of them to advise you on how to make more money- but, here is the catch- i relisted the items in a non - inflammotory manner, as i think, only to get a message form EBAY this morning- YOUR LISTINGS HAVE BEEN REMOVED AS THEY INCITE HATRED ETC.-HOW THE HELL DID I GET TO PURCHASE THEM FROM AN EBAY MEMBER IN THE FIRST PLACE----EBAY REALLY STINKS. i have contacted them, stating if items are not re-instated, i will take it to the media AND the european court of human rights----anyone else ever had this problem with EBAY- i would be interested to know, and what eventually happened-shemmyboy-100% feedbackq
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