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The Ouija Board is a TOOL. Like a wrench, and it can be used as "leverage" when being used. No matter how many people using the Ouija, there will be only ONE who is a better contact then the others, and will become the "Medium" of the board----------

The best advice I can give to people wishing to use the Ouija, is remain very calm, keep a very open mind to the situation, and set aside your fears. There is nothing to be afraid of, your simply trying to communicate through a tool to a person that has passed on and would like to communicate with you

The Ouija is a tool, and the more you work with the tool, the better the feel you will get for it. Through time, the owner of the Board will become very second nature to how the Ouija works, and will start the transition into a Full Time Medium and will no longer need the board. At that time, the board should be handed down to another person that wishes to learn, and the person releasing the boards SAMPLE;-


Can I just contact anybody...?"

A very difficult question.  It is more likely that you will reach a close relative rather than a dead celebrity you had no contact with in real life. The physical nature of a contact seems to be a very important ingredient in how to reach someone. If you were related to or acquainted with someone in real life, you have exchanged sights, smells, auras and other elements of physical and spiritual contact patterns. You will remember these impression whilst you are trying to establish contact with the person via the Ouija Board. Important here is that you imagine or envision the details of the persona of the person you trying to reach. Concentration is another very important factor. In order to receive a "genuine" contact you should block out all other activities that are surrounding you whilst you are conducting the contact. Not only "outside" disturbances should be blocked but troubling thoughts or emotions that may reside within. Most of all you should be physically and spiritually as clear as possible. No drugs or alh cohol should be used to "enhance" the experience. Out of experience water is the best source of nutrition during a "session", because in my experience you will get thristy

Why should I say an introductory prayer before starting a Ouija session...?"

Depending upon your own spiritual beliefs, religion or any other form of worship you should ask for guidance through prayer, meditation, etc., before you start heading into the "Spirit Realms". First of all this helps to calm your nerves physically and build your strength spiritually, because you won't have the terrible feeling of going to other side alone. Generally, it helps to ward off evil entities and helps you to appear on the other side with a little more authority, knowing that you have someone watching your back. I strongly recommend some kind of contemplation before you start

Always remember that spirits do not always tell the truth. Tricksters, who are often liars but mostly harmless will sometimes lie about even the smallest things. Mostly they like to joke around and not be serious. If you ask them questions they will give you bogus answers. This does not always mean they are bad spirits, just mischievous ones. Mostly they are just annoying. Spirit Guides will not lie. As far as I know, other spirits cannot pretend they are your Spirit Guide, although sometimes while talking to your SG the message can be interrupted by another spirit (usually a trickster) and won't make sense. The planchette usually feels different too. Chance and I always recognize right away that it's no longer our SG we are talking to. If you're unsure of who you're talking to, ask their name. If you do not wish to speak to that spirit, politely ask if you can talk to whatever spirit you were talking to before.




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