SAS smock - seller with 4 x alias

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When you as a prospective buyer look at a listing for a SAS Smock or a baseball bat at a bargain price you probably look at the feedback rating of the seller.

You might take note that the seller has many positive feedback and no negative feedback. So, you assume he is a trusted seller and has had no problems in the past with negative feedback.


Did you know that a seller can sell under as many seller ID 's as he wants ? Yes, one seller with several different ID's ! And its perfectly within EBAY rules.

There is one seller here on EBAY offering SAS smocks. He is now on his FIFTH different ID !! He is not changing trading name - opening new accounts and using them at same time.

And funniest of all - selling same items at different prices on different ID's - maybe he thinks the buyer will see a SAS smock at high price and negative feedback on one of his ID's and same smock at lower price on his other ID and it will be more tempting ??

I have had an item purchased from this seller checked by an expert. The expert supplied a statement to Paypal who accepted the SAS smock was counterfeit and refunded me.

BUT BEWARE - the seller has just moved onto another ID !! And is selling the same counterfeit goods !!

Cannot name and shame in this review unfortunately, but anyone is welcome to contact me for a chat !!

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