SCAMMERS BEWARE. simple rules to avoid scams on ebay

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This is my first guide so if it appears amateur etc. you'll know why. On the 10th Aug 2006 I did all I could to expose a scammer on eBay,his name was David_store109. It worked and I realized most people really don’t read the feedback in enough time for certain items. They see what they think is a bargain and bid at the last second, then find out the seller is one of the following: not accepting paypal, from china, has item listed at location away from home has 10 items identical with generic picture and not their own (i'd say 99% of us have a camera phone by now), I could go on and on with better reasons. The one I interrupted had used a previous eBay Id to pull off a similar scam. It’s started like this selling cheap DVD’s around the £3-£5,mark (for which he WAS taking paypal then switched to not taking it for the videogames) then after some glowing feedback he listed non existent items worth a lot more, big sign it’s a scam on these ones is highest bidders id being hidden, or making 100% positive feedback private. then given the auction states give item 7 days to appear if it doesn’t he’ll refund the money and claim at the post office, that may sound good but remember he didn’t take paypal, So if you fell for the bank transfer postal order side of this scam your screwed. The reason alarm bells didn’t sound is because they had good feedback and don’t use the money transfer system we all know is unsafe. Western union and Moneygram or the newest one Moneybookers. I’m not promoting paypal but let’s face it, it is so much safer compared to the other option’s. In fact I’d say the absolute safest option is cash on collection but that’s not always practical. So what I’m saying is avoid people who are overly insistent on NOT ACCEPTING PAYPAL. They should be made to use paypal but offer the alternatives for those who can’t pay by paypal. Or we can all do what I do now I use the filter boxes on the left and tick LISTED WITH PAYPAL. To weed out the sellers not offering to take paypal. It’s not 100% guaranteed but it’s as close as it’s going to get for now. On a final note I spotted another scam people who offer free Xbox 360’s etc. from here within the guides, they tell you to copy and paste the free information they have given you, even though they will still get credited with the referral and it felt like a good idea. IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS!
Another thing i have noticed is if your unwilling to go through with paying they'll happilly cancel the transaction, PROVIDED you leave him positive feedback for him. this is because he agreed not to launch an 'unpaid item' action against you. Ok you think he was nice, yeah nice enough to be breaking ebays rules by trying to get you to pay via unsafe money transfer methods. Ebay like us to report people who make unreasonable demands regarding payment and feedback requests.
As i said paypal or cash on collection 'when available' .
simple recap
moneybookers = unsafe, bank transfer = unsafe, western union = unsafe, postal order + newbie seller = unsafe, cheque + newbie seller = unsafe, moneygram = unsafe, paypal = as good as it's going to get. Ebay should ban the IP addresses of comfirmed scammers, they spoil it for all.

i'm updating this 2014hrs 15/08/06.
i stopped another today, i know i could end up getting it wrong.
however this guy wanted paid via moneybookers which isn't the reason i knew it was a scam, it was his user name for it. I am sure it's standard for internet payment companies to use our email address as our user name. so when i finally got his payment instructions i was puzzled by his email address being i thought i'd send an email to it and got the un-deliverable failure straight away and i copied and pasted from his instructions. so there if it helps is another way to spot a scam.
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