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I have had a couple of attempts on myself from these people through Ebay, and yes it is all pretty convincing ! the last time i sold a gold bracelet to a guy in europe, then i had a message to say to send the item to an address in Nigeria, followed by an official looking email claiming to be from Paypal.

The letter from Paypal, laid out in full Paypal logo e.t.c said the amount has been recieved and is pending confirmation of my dispatch via a tracking number, it would then be released into my account, when i refused to send the item i had an email claiming to be from Ebay ! it stated unless the item was sent, my account could be suspended, again the email looked all the part of an official Ebay email !

In short the guy never got the bracelet and i had my fees refunded and had to relist, be aware , it does happen and it could happen to you !

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