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We are quite newish to ebay but picked up on it quite well. There are definatly people selling nothing but Infertile eggs on ebay and making lots of money through this. This is very sad when there is geuine ebayers with good and rare breeds. Mainly the biggest thing which stands out is that the person (seller) will sell alot of eggs from different breeds (and rare ones at that) going within mins of each other. Then as soon as they have gone they will relist them all again, especially when they list them for only one day!!! I mean a hen can only lay roughly one eggs per day not 6 a day. Also photos give it away quite highly too. People are using websites from Australia, America, etc... think people will not recognise these but quickly do a google search and surley you will find what your looking for.

Don't get me wrong there are lots of genuine sellers on ebay too selling great eggs all fertile and correct breeds when hatched. Here are a few sellers i have had great results of and would certainly recommend....sh1restaff for marans, peeweebill for any wyandottes, and redthestoreman for silkies and also kathryncrackingeggs for silkies too. Theres just a few who i have had great results from. Great people to deal with and fast delivery with fresh eggs. Its just a shame that all ebayers are not the same.

Its about time all these people got stopped from selling eggs and wasting everyones money.

Thank you  for reading this review and hope this has helped.



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