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Im writng this due to me being fed up with people trying to con me on e.bay and hope i can prevent you from being ripped off 


Most origanate china with sellers claiming thier genuine from clothing to trainers to desingner bags watches shoes even electrical often cheap copies poor materials


Use your commen sense here if the genuine item would normally cost you £800 and you can buy it on ebay for £150 brand new ask yourself why

A fake item with tags labels boxes packaging can be purchased from china and look identical in the picture to the real thing its not till its arrived and it breaks after a week.

Check out the real thing check genuine manufacters marks are present ,check feedback see if anyone else has purchased the same item what did they think

 Quite often someone selling fakes has a low feedback ask the seller is it genuine ? most of the time you wont get a response to your question if you dont walk away


This one i have personally experinced and seen many times usally high value item car, boat,jetski,or motorcycle,often listed with low reserve low buy it now option beware they are advertising an item they dont have pictures often with a big house in the background anything to make you think thier loaded

You email ask to view the item they email you back saying they are out of town on bussines,the item is at a friends but they can deliver for you you just need to pay for fuel

All you need to do is send them payment.

You might be tempted as the item is priced at half what its worth and the seller seems so genuine .


 The item you bid on you were outbid you recieve a second chance offer with a link to pay now

Only thing is it wasnt the seller who sent you that offer its a con im not quite sure how they do it but this has happend to me several times

Always check sellers id who sent you the second chance offer and email the seller using the origanal listing before accepting a second chance offer


Dropshippers  ok  but be aware you may incur import duty for your item what may seem cheap on the auction site can end up costing you a lot more 

Im sure thier are a lot more scams going on but at the moment just a quick look thismorning i have found many many fake items and one or two scams

Just remember

Ask to collect , ask to view, even if you cant the response or lack of it should help in spotting the con ask questions dont be a fool dont be ripped off




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