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Scented candles are a brilliant way to add a fragrance to your home without the chemicals, and nowadays more and more people are thinking of the environment and the impact that they are making with the likes of chemical air fresheners.

If you get a good quality scented candle and there are many about, Jo Malone, White Company, Pecksniffs, Colonial and The Boaters range (the Chocolate one is a real treat for chocoholics) are just a few good makes, but also a lot of High Street Department stores have a good selection, but buy a good quality one in the first instance, as you will save money in the long run.

The scent lasts longer, and you don't even have to burn them for as long as the scent is so much more intense, as sometimes you just don't have the time to stay in one room and watch said candle, at other times it can be quite relaxing to just take some time out to relax have a glass of wine and mull the day over with a lovely scent and good company, even better with an open fire especially at this festive time.  Much more economical than a cheap air freshener, a good one can be picked up from the likes of Ebay or try TK Maxx, looks as though many ebayers have been along there and snapped up a few Kenneth Turner candles and are selling them for quite alot more than the TK Maxx price (why is it others have the knack of doing that, but if I try I don't have the same luck?).

They make great presents for house warming or birthdays and such like and even more so is that you can buy one as a present for a male and now more and more men are becoming more houseproud and like having the nice aromas about (just look at a lot of the men's ranges in scents and you will notice that a lot have a candle in the same fragrance).  As not all candles are pink and girlie looking, some are robust and clearly have a masculine look to them.

Gone are the days of a cheap and nasty smelly candle, they have become more grown up and sophisticated (up in the price too, but sometimes buying cheaper is really false economy in the long run).  Also handy if you have a powercut.

Beware that there are also fakes out there, and if the price really does sound and look too good to be true then trust your own instincts and avoid, as it probably is a fake.

Also a candle doesn't contain any calories so you can always give as a present to someone who is watching their figure or someone who you are not quite sure as to their dietery requirements, or a tea totaller.
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