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The dwinkie beetle is a very curious little beastie, appearing only once every year to mate. It makes its way up to the surface in its search to find a suitable recipient for the genes for future generations. The name is also as curious- DWINKIE was the name given to the small beetle because if you where bitten by it it actually caused eye spasms -which of course make you blink. Several reports of bites from the dwinkie beetle have been recorded in recent years in the highlands. This is only due to the anxiety of extremely worried tourists & holiday makers fleeing to the nearest hospital to find out was was wrong.

Just for your information- the dwinkie beetle is aprox. 3mm long, reddish segmented back and a colourful iridescent  underbelly. If you encounter one while roaming around, please let it be as they are extremely rare. If you are unlucky enough to be bitten by one of these wee creatures, don't panic the winking only lasts about the same time as its taken you to read this guide ;) TS...

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