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You can put sellers' spelling mistakes to your advantage, and win items that other people will not even know about!

Some of the spellings you'll have seen in item titles and descriptions are truly awful – which is where these two search tools come into their own:


Go to either website and type in the item name as it should be spelled, then set them to search eBay for mis-spellings associated with that item. The results can be surprising – and chances are you might then be the only person to locate the item, in which case you might bag a bargain.

For example, here's what they will search for if Nintendo has been mis-spelled:

nntendo, nitendo, ninendo, nintndo, nintedo, ninteno, nnintendo, niintendo, ninntendo, ninttendo, ninteendo, nintenndo, nintenddo, nintendoo, inntendo, nnitendo, nitnendo, ninetndo, nintnedo, nintedno, nintenod, bintendo, mintendo, nuntendo, nontendo, nibtendo, nimtendo, ninrendo, ninyendo, nintwnd

It came up with these items:

Nintndo DS
Nintedno DSi
Niintendo DS

… which I would not have found using eBay's own search tool!

When the search is completed, save it by clicking the 'Save this search' link. That way, you will receive an alert each time one of the mis-spells appears in a listing.

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