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the sega dreamcast was just to advanced for its time,and no one appreciated its wonderfulness,i mean it was as powerful as a ps2,but the games were so much better,with its arcade perfect conversions,and was so easy to use,it was amazing ,with its great controllers,vmu digital memory cards ,you dont get that now there blank blocks saying 8mb on them or some thing i mean whats that all about,the dreamcast was compact had 4 joystick ports internet and so on,before the others even new what it was,and when playstation and that cottened on,they ruined it with multitaps a black ugly box under ya telly,and was 3 times bigger,if dreamcast was released tomorrow it would be up there with the best of em,but its sadley not,but hey dreamcast is comming back,its actually worth more now than a ps2 what a turn around,the games are worth more now than ps2 games,check out ebay for the dreamcast stuff and get ya self a great peice of retro that would beat even todays standards,i mean a dreamcast would cost 40 quid today and in 8 wekks time be still worth 40 quid, less than a ps3 game thats worth nothing in 8 weeks

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