SEIKO Watches - buyers should read this guide first

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SEIKO is one of the world's pre-eminent watchmakers and has a global reputation built on over 100 years of quality manufacturing, innovative technology and refined designed.

Because SEIKO watches are technologically advanced and because you need to see, touch and try on your SEIKO before you decide which one is right for you, SEIKO only sells its watches through a network of officially designated and carefully selected retail partners, with premises where you can see the SEIKO collection and receive specialist advice. SEIKO does not seel through internet-only traders who cannot offer one-to-one and face-to-face service.

If you decide to buy a SEIKO watch on ebay or elsewhere on the internet you should check that the seller is one of SEIKO's authorised retail partners in order to be sure that you are getting a genuine and new SEIKO watch that comes with the level of service and support that you would expect from SEIKO. If the seller is not part of our authorised retail partner network it is extremely likely that the watch will be counterfeit, secondhand or damaged. Furthermore it is very likely that any warranty you may be offered will be invalid, as only SEIKO's approved retail partners can offer SEIKO's worldwide warranty.  If a seller cannot provide SEIKO's international warranty card, duly completed and dated, the warranty is not valid.

Please note that many unauthorised sellers offer counterfeit warranty cards!

You also need to be aware that on many internet sites, returns procedures do not exist and getting your money back is hardly ever possible.

If you want to know whether a trader is authorised to sell SEIKO please contact one of the many worldwide SEIKO offices, all of which are listed on the SEIKO global website.


Q: If I buy a SEIKO on ebay is the warranty still valid?

A: Probably not. If the watch guarantee card is not fully completed by an authorised SEIKO dealer it is invalid and any repair  that may be required will be chargeable.  Many sellers say that the watch comes with a valid warranty and thay may be able to offer a warranty card, however, that in itself is not sufficient. {This does not affect any statutory rights that you might have}.



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