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Does anyone else get fed up when sellers state in their listings that the postage and packing charge also includes an amount for the time it takes to pack up the parcel and take to the post office plus an amount to cover petrol charges, etc.......

TOTALLY UNREASONABLE.  If you want to sell on ebay, why are buyers expected to cover sellers petrol costs when the said seller is probally dropping off parcels whilst shopping/out and about in general!  (ebay rules state a reasonable amount!)

One listing I have just looked at was for a paperback book.  Postage £4.99 second class.  In reality this costs £1.52 second class postage (quote from royal mails website).  As for packaging - most sellers buy in bulk (pack of 10 mailing bags £1.50 from ebay) so add 15p for the packaging.  Round total of £1.67.................  Can this seller justify £3.32 just to cover their time and petrol?   NO, this is just another way to scam money from buyers.  I'll look for my book elsewhere!

The same seller as above also had a responsibility notice at the bottom of their listing, as do many sellers.  They state they are not responsible for items going missing after posting.  Sorry to inform you - YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.  It is the sellers responsability to claim back from royal mail for items missing and to issue the refund, unless you wish to have the buyer just claim the money back through paypal.  There are a few sellers on ebay that have their mailings go 'missing' on a regular basis! (look at feedback)  Hmm, have they been posted or not? 

If the seller did not get proof of postage and cannot claim from royal mail - TOUGH, refund, don't be stupid and get proof next time!

Plus if a item is purchased, found to be damaged/not as listed and is to be returned, then I do think sellers should refund the return postage costs as well as the whole original price as it's not the buyers fault if a seller tried to take them for a fool!

To be clear, I am both a seller and a buyer on ebay.

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