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If you are selling items that are of high value beware of highjacked e bay accounts.

I recently sold a Nintendo Wii and Wii fit.  I was contacted by the e-bayer (who had 100% feedback) asking if he could collect the item in person to save on costs.  All fine you would think? 

The item was paid for by Paypal again all fine you'd think.  The person collected the item and then the following morning the funds are withdrawn and a notice from Paypal about unauthorised use of account arrived by e mail.  Paypal WILLNOT protect you if the item is not tracable by a tracking number to the address on the Paypal account. 

So my advise to you is this:

1. Do not accept payment outside of Ebay EVEN if it is Paypal. 

2. Do not let people arrange to collect the item until at least 2 - 3 working days AFTER payment has been made, longer if possible, this may put of scammers. 

3. When they collect the item ask them to bring proof of their address ie a utility bill and some form of identification ie passport or driving license.  Make sure this is the address that is on the Paypal account. 

4.  When they collect get them to sign a reciept saying that you have recieved X amount of money from X person date it, time it, list items (detailed description).  Get them to sign it in front of you and sign it yourself.  Make 2 copies one for them and one for you sign both and get them to sign both.  Also ask to see a bank card with their signature on it to match it with the one on the reciept you will be giving them.

5.  Make sure the paypal account is a verified one, if in doubt ring paypal customer service for advise.

I hope these few tips will help you from becoming another Ebay scammed seller.

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