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I'm writing this after our experience with a complete muppet (adydonna) who clicked buy it now on a Nissan Skyline roll cage for £400 and then decided she could not afford it so simply made poor excuses and tried to wriggle out of the non paying bidder strike.

She claimed that if I went ahead with the NPB alert she would simply pay for the item, wait for it to be delivered and then return it for a refund !  What an ****hole of a buyer, this is the sort of person that should immediately be banned from online auctions for life. No seller needs fools like this.  As a seller you not only incur the extortionate Ebay fees but also invest time (and therefore more money) on re-listing the item.  Ebay does not care about the sellers only its online reputation and money, mainly the money.. 

The other regualr timewasting idiot is the offer maker... users like 'donkey1712' who thinks watching items and making offers to buy outside Ebay for a lot less than the asking price will still get him the item. Unfortunatley his benefit cheuque and low IQ seem to prevent mr 'item watcher' from actually buying or even learning how Ebay auctions / buy it now items work. You do have to bid to win somehting and a fixed price item is fixed price but mr watcher (donkey1712) thinks it means 'make a pathetic offer'.  Ebay need to step in and remove these timewasting idiots, it ruins Ebay for honest sellers who at the end of the day make Ebay billions of pounds !

What about detailed buyer ratings ??  It would be interesting to see how buyers get rated for how quickly they pay etc.. maybe we could have a 'stupid question rating'... i.e how many stupid questions the user asks becuase they did not read the listing or simply can not read... All the emphasis is on the seller... shame on you EBay... rate the buyers too so the sellers can do some idiot avoidance !

A seller can be blocked from creating new listings for a day, 3 days or more if they break the rules but buyers who blatantely ignore the Ebay user agreement and the contract they enter into by commiting to buy an item simply carry on as if nothing has happened.  

I'd like Ebay staff to try and explain how this is remotely fair in any way  ? How about Ebay take the final value fees from the buyers paypal account or registered card on file ? - the timewasters may think twice before messing people about then ! 


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