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One of the most imporant lessons that I have learned over the time that I have been ebaying is the importance  of putting accurate measurements on all listings for garments.

For example, when I started ebaying I used to put ‘Size 14’ and was amazed when I was bombarded with requests for exact measurements from interested parties who wanted accurate measurements for bust, waist, hip etc. Of course I now realize that different makes and brands have different interpretations of the various sizes, so that a Next Size 12 for example will not necessarily be the same as a Marks and Spencer Size 12.

One of the most curious requests I remember receiving was from someone who asked me to give specific measurements for ‘crotch rise’ – I confess I had never come across the expression before but guessed what she wanted to know was the measurement from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. Of course I now realize how important it is for I too have purchased trousers only to find that rather than coming close to my waist as I had assumed they would, they hovered closer to my hips so that I was forever wanting to hitch them up. For this reason I now put all the relevant garment related sizes.

  • For a blouse: The measurements you need to provide are Bust, Sleeve length and Length from nape (or back of the garment below the collar) to the bottom. The same measurements apply for jacket, coat, cardigan etc. You can of course put Chest, or Underarm measurement as alternatives for Bust. I find myself unable to adopt the quite common practice of putting 'pit to pit' to indicate half the bust measurement - call me old-fashioned but it is much too manly for me and, for example, 'a lovely ultra feminine blouse by Jacques Vert' and 'pit to pit' seem totally incongrous in the same paragraph but each to his own! Whatever terminology you adopt is a matter of personal preference and as long as you convey the relevant information your primary objective has been achieved.
  • For trousers: Waist, Hip, Inside leg, from Crotch seam to top of waistband at the front and from crotch seam to top of waistband at the back (or Crotch rise).
  • For a skirt: Waist, Hip and Length.

I expect I have forgotten something and if it is blatantly obvious, I apologize, but I think you get the gist of what I have been trying to convey here and these little lists should cover most of what you’ll need to put if you are selling clothes on ebay and I hope it will help you avoid unecessarily spending time answering emails when the relevant information could have been contained in the listing.
Best wishes and happy ebaying.

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