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welcome this is me starting out in selling items fair and cheap this is my guide on how
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welcome this is me starting out in selling items fair and cheap this is my guide on how


when selling an item if you want to auction the item then you would need to put a price down,  which is fair and not over priced.  the only problem is if you put the price too low you could loose profits, so keep that in mind . the buy now is also tricky depending on the price you have set, some buyers would rather bid items rather than buy them full price,  so be careful in how much you sell your items .


well when i look into selling an item , i study the prices sellers have put on the net, and what condition  the item is ,if yours is in a very good condition you want to lower the price  to  or the same as other buyers , the lower the price more interest   but the catch is you don't want to sell the item too lower or you won't make much profit .


well selling an item, you have a better chance in adding a postage or collection for free, but if you want  you can add a price witch the buyer would pay for if your item gets interest,  always do it fair and honest not over price the package , if  i was you i would recommend doing some research into how much posting could cost by an estimate  ( other countries  do vary in price ) 


when selling your item make sure you get in contact with your buyer and conform details given so the is no mistakes to when you send off your item or to be collected . always answer questions by the buyer or ask some yourself .


make sure you have an open mind when it come to security , if they wish to meet you to claim there package i would advice not to do so, just because you don't know the person so i would recommend either they come to you or post the item make sure you have an secure account so  sneaky cheap nock offs or scams  don't take your money before you can report it and get a refund 
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