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Please everyone, learn from my mistakes!!

If you are selling your Tesco Clubcard Vouchers on eBay DO NOT photograph them - or if you do, make sure that the online code number is covered up!

I have just recently sold some and, when I attempted to exchange them for 'Deals' coupons, was advised that the coupons had already been used. If either if the 2 people who used my codes are reading this - D'OH! The only way to use the codes without having the actual coupons is for money off your home shopping, hence Tesco's fraud dept now has the names and home addresses of the thieves who used my Clubcard vouchers! (and incidentally, Tesco instantly re-credited my Clubcard account with the amount I had had stolen - I can't guarantee they will continue to do this though as officially you are not meant to sell your Clubcard vouchers!).

Thanks for reading this and good luck with your auctions! :-)

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