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I haven’t been a seller for long on eBay but long enough to work out a few things about selling children’s clothes. This is a short little guide on how to sell clothes that your little darlings have outgrown... or.... like my little angel did stated "I DONT LIKE IT" and refused to wear it. Lol.... little cherub

1) I advise everyone to raid their houses for things in good condition that they just don’t
 use anymore. Raid your kids bedrooms and wardrobes! You will be surprised at what you
think is useless is a treasure to someone else. ESPECIALLY kids clothing. Kids clothing
 is so expensive these days to buy brand new, and when they are young you seem to be
constantly replacing it!

2)  Selling bundles of kids clothes in bundles of about 20-50 pieces
 can make you quite a bit of money. Well, enough to replace the stuff they grew out of
anyway! If, like me your little angel was spoilt rotten and has 100's of clothes he/she has outgrown I advise you sell in small-ish bundles of say 20pcs. 

3) Have a low starting price, don’t be afraid to let it go for less than you think it is worth... to be honest, its making more money than it was sitting in a sack in the bottom of the wardrobe! Plus anything you make is more than you started with! 

4) Check if other people are listing something similar. For example if you are selling a 20 piece bundle of 2 yr old girls clothes, type this into the search bar. This way you can see what reasonable starting prices people will pay and also how much you can expect to get. If something seems like a good deal but it isn’t selling the starting price may be too high or the postage may be too high.

5) An obvious one but make sure everything is clean and if possible ironed

6) Show photos of what you are selling. Make sure you can really see every item well. I lay everything on a clean table with the main light and take a birds-eye shot of everything. Make the pictures really clear. Dark or dingy pictures will just put people off if they can’t see what they’re buying.

7) Make sure you are honest about the condition of the clothes. There is nothing worse than getting something in the post for your child and it has a mark on it or a defect you weren’t told about. Wear and tear is expected on kids clothing and if something needs a stitch or two there’s nothing wrong with still selling it as long as you make sure the buyer is clear of the condition of all the items.

8) Try not to plug your other items you are selling in a listing. There is nothing wrong with a little note at the bottom saying something along the lines of “feel free to take a look at my other items; I am selling many kids bits”. Nothing too in your face or you may put people off.

9) If something is designer, say so! Same goes if something is brand new or still has its tags.  Just one piece that looks like a bargain in a bundle may urge someone to place a bid or watch the item. You can judge pretty well on how your listing is doing by the amount of hits it’s had compared to the number of watchers. If, for example it has been on for two days and already has 4 watchers it is likely to sell.

10) Describe everything and put down the important details. Just a line or two about each item is fine. There’s nothing worse than finding an essay that’s 5 pages long. People simply won’t read it

11) Make the listing look attractive. You can get lovely borders for only 7p (or free with turbo lister – a wise investment if you have lots to sell!).

12) Be honest with your postage. There is nothing wrong with covering your eBay fee, paypal fee or packing prices with your p&p price, but be realistic. If something should post for £1.77 and you have put it up for £6.00 of course people are going to be cautious of where you are getting your prices from! Best thing to do is work out exactly how much it will cost first and add on a small amount to cover your back just incase.

13) Weigh everything first, you don’t want to get stung with postage. You can’t just pick something up and decide how much it weighs. Generally I sit with a set of kitchen scales with a box on top. You can work out almost exactly how much it will cost to any country on the royal mail website. It’s always best to check.

I hope this little guide has been helpful. Feel free to  message me if you have any questions 

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