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This guide tells you how to make money selling womens clothes on ebay .... whether you are selling your own clothes,  selling items for your friends or even the things to buy to sell !


1. Have a search through your ironing pile and the back of your wardrobe and attic to search out items you no longer wear

2. Use the advanced search feature at the top of the screen to find 'completed listings' of the types of items you have for sale..... don't worry too much about size but definately include the brand and click on the box for completed listings to see what items fetched at auction and buy it now.

3. Refresh your items, with a launder and/or good iron. 

4. Display them on a posh hanger (not wire) on the back of a door and take lots of photographs in good light, zoom in on labels, embroidery, tailored details, feature buttons, collars etc

5. Take the following measurements in inches

Skirts - Waist ; Length ; Length of splits from hem upward

Jackets, Jumpers, Blouses Tops and Tshirts - Armpit to armpit ; armpit to wrist ; nape of neck to hem

Trousers, Shorts - Waist ; Inside Leg ; The 'rise' which is the point at which the crutch seams cross underneath to waistband front and back ; Flare width at hemline

Dresses - Length, from nape of neck to hem, bust underarm to underarm, Waist at slimmest point , Hips at broadest point, sleeves underarm to wrist.

6. Use Auctiva to create a stylish listing, it's free to add upto 24 pictures, free template and free scheduling.


Use all the characters in the title to describe your item thoroughly... eg. WOMENS MONSOON BLUE SILK DRESS SIZE 12 VGC, NEXT BLACK BOOTCUT TROUSERS 12 PETITE W 30 L 28 ... etc

Remember most people search by title so ALWAYS include the brand name and size in the title and include colour, condition, style if you have enough characters left.

Ebay sellers use shorthand terms like BNWT (Brand new with tags) BNWL ( Labels) BNIB (Box) BNWOT (Brand new without tags) etc


You can sell your item for a fixed amount using the BUY IT NOW option; you can ask buyers to MAKE AN OFFER; or you can choose to let the item run at AUCTION.

There are benefits and drawbacks to each

                                                                                                 Pros                                                               Cons

Buy It Now                                                             No nonsense, take it or leave it !                               It might not sell

Make an Offer                                                         Encourages more buyers to have a go                      You only get 72hrs to consider offers

Auction                                                                    Can get frenzied                                                       It's a gamble, could do well could not



Using your 'completed listings' market research you will have some idea of what your item normally goes for on ebay, you might want to just keep it simple and make this figure the Buy it Now price ... but if you fancy a bit more adventure here are your options ....

I use a combination of Buy it Now with Make Me an Offer for single items .... I have found this works best because from my experience only 10/20% of watchers actually bid and only 5% turn up for the end of an auction.... granted you only need two bidders to make an auction work but I just like the surity of the buy it now option as a buyer and a seller.

You can add a reserve on your auction items to minimise your risk - the minimum is £50 - and once it is set you cannot remove it if bidding doesn't look like it will get that high.

Another great option is to have an Auction with a Buy it Now but ONLY if you have a reserve .... This way buyers can enjoy the auction and you will know that you are protected by a reserve, but buyers also have the chance to take the plunge and buy the item outright.  DON'T do this without a reserve because at the first bid ebay will remove the BIN and you will have wasted your money on the listing fees.



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