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When you send a guitar/keybaord with Parcelforce you agree to their terms & condition, which most people with never actually read, they also don’t read the packing Packaging guidelines, that is not until an item has been damaged and parcelforce point it out to them.


But to make it very simple any guitar not shipped in a hardcase is not insured for damage, period. It does not matter how well it is boxed or packed, no hardcase no insurance for damage.


Also if the guitar/keybaord is lost the maximum payout from Parcelforce is £150, it does no matter how much insurance you buy, the max payout is £150. Do not be fooled into thinking this is the basic insurance cover (which it is) and you can buy extra insurance… you can buy extra insurance it will just be invalid.



Surprisingly this is not in the terms & condition section it is on the packing guidelines page:

Under the “Prevent movement of items in transit” section.

I know this is hard to believe, so here is the official parcelforce line from the Parcelforce Woldwide Managing Directors Office

“Under our Terms and Condition musical instruments will only be covered up to the maximum of £150 of compensation for loss or damage. Therefore there is no requirement for the sender to take additional compensation cover for musical instruments. There is no facility for you to take enhanced compensation on any item containing musical instruments”.


The above applies to all musical instruments, there are literally millions of pounds of musical instruments being transported everyday by companies like Parcelforce without any valid insurance.


With regard Parceltogo the same rules apply but the max payout is £100





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