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FIRST EDITION OF THE FLASH MEDIA CAMCORDER USING SMART MEDIA MEMORY CARD. The camcorder went into production in June of 1999 and was the smallest camcorder in the world ( the size of 20 cigarettes). It could be used as a personal mini hidden cctv  camera device as it featured a 40 day interval timer/ time -laps continuos recording mode, a 12 hour long play mode and various othe HQ modes like one hour, three hours,ect and a small lcd dislay. It cost about  £750 into days money taking inflation into account. It was critersized at its time for being too   advanced for its day, too small and light for its generation  Its advanced long play was frawned upon as too futuristic and to this day shows the signs of the said critersisum as you will notice when you start using it. The Sharp Internet Viewcam has   compolsery  and Voulentary parts restriction inforced on it so it would not out shine the other camcoders on the market at the time like video8/video8mm mini dv and -vhsc- camcorders.As indeed soe parts are built into the camcorder to premiturly ware down some vital parts to stop the camera proforming (Image quality) as the camera was not due for release until around the end of summer 2004 and releasing products too early is degrade products already on the market and the consumer asks the copyright holder to sue for damages. The SmartMedia memory card are infact still on sale today and not as reported decomissioned as FUJI STILL MAKE IT AND ANOTHER MANUFACTURER FOR AROUND £20 A CARD
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