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Shopping for Dichroic Glass products is not an easy task for the buyer any more as there are more and more people selling and fusing Dichroic Glass jewellery making for a wider variety of styles to choose from. .Each glass artist will have their own style and technique when designing and fusing Dichroic Glass. The best way to ensure you are getting a quality genuine handcrafted piece of Dichroic Glass jewellery which has been manufactured by a glass artist with knowledge of their craft is to always check the feedback and read the listing carefully which should give you information on the materials and techniques used to create the piece.

Here at G & J Stained Glass (gj-dichroicglass) we take pride in the experience and knowledge we have acquired over the 17 years we have been working with glass. We have been producing Dichroic Glass jewellery for the last 5 years and have gained a good customer base which our feedback will verify.

Always make sure that  the listing states Genuine Dichroic Glass to be sure you are purchasing the real thing. There are many materials which look like Dichroic Glass but are not and will not have the vibrant colour change that is the trade mark of Dichroic Glass.


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