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Shoulder pain with restricted movement in the second major condition , after back pain, why people see their doctors amongst musculoskeletal conditions. There are many reasons why people suffer from shoulder problem, examples are frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement, degenerative changes within the shoulder joint, etc.
 Apart from the aforementioned conditions,   fracture could be sustained from a trauma or even from a fall. When this occurred the shoulder is generally immobilized for a period after which your doctor would advise you to commence shoulder exercises . It is important to regain the shoulder movement back  as soon as possible because there is a greater tendency for the soft tissues around the shoulder joint to adhere together and result in loss of shoulder motion. 

Shoulder motion is very important is the overall functions of our hands. If there is restricted shoulder motions,  an individual would find it difficult to perform over-reaching and overhead activities. And depending on the occupations,  it would be a struggle to do those task effectively and it can affect productivity, except if the person has adopted coping strategies to meet the demands of the task.  Also, leisure activities may suffer as the individual may not be able to optimally perform the game he/she used to do  very well, such in sports like tennis, golf, volleyball etc. 

At a stage during the rehabilitation, it is very important that shoulder range of motion is restored. In achieving this, your physiotherapist could have advised you to carry out some home programme to complement your visit to the physiotherapy clinic. One of the best to achieve this is through the aid of an easy-to-use and practical kit like   shoulder exerciser pulley  , which can be used to target shoulder motions  in different directions. If you physiotherapist advise you to get a shoulder exercise pulley, you can get one by clicking on "BUY ON EBAY" below:

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