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Here is 10 interesting facts about Silver proof coins.

1) Always keep proof silver coins in a dry environment.

2) On occasions that the coin is to be removed from it's transparent case, it is recommended that it is held at it's edge between thumb and forefinger taking care not to touch the surface of the coin as an added safeguard the use of fine cotton gloves is also recommended.

3) Never place coins face down on any rough surface.

4) Proof quaility is the highest standard of coin produced, other standards are brilliant uncirculated and general circulation coins. Brilliant uncirculated covers coins which have never been in circulation and do not have any surface damaged caused by normal useage, general circulation coins may clearly  have damage to them as a result of every day use.

5) Avoid buffing your coins as the polishing action even with soft velvet can create unwanted highlights upon the matted reliefs.

6) It is quite normal for silver coins to tarnish (oxidation) if they are left exposed to the air for long periods, this is quite normal and is not a fault of the mint.

7) It is not recommened to use soft tipped tweezers to handle proof coins even though some collectors/dealers adopt this practice.

8) Every proof coin that is dispatched in a protective case and whenever possible the flawless coin should be kept safely in it's case.

9) Proof coins are identified by their finely matted reliefs and flawless reflecting surface any coin not meeting this exacting high standard is rejected by the manufacturing mint.

10) Silver as been around for millions of years!!

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