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If you are buying Silver - Beware, many items listed as "Silver" may not be.
Items need to have a Stamp, But some stamps are Electric Plated Nickel Silver = Not Silver.. and many E.P.N.S. stamps are disguised to look like real Silver stamps.
UK Should be a Lion, and Crown, Anchor, Letter etc. foreign Silver a little more difficult. - Google "Silver Stamps."
But even some stamps saying 925 may not be..
If it has a name in front of it- It's probably Not Silver.
Example .. Navada Silver = Not Silver.    Tibetan Silver.. usually = Chinese Copy..
Smell - Silver coins do not usually smell - Silver plated Brass does, copper a little..
Although some Real Pure "Indian Silver" smells real bad (like poo)
Touch. With some practice.. Silver feels soft - Not always.. But not usually Sharp..
Sound - Silver Bells = A Silver coin when balanced on finger and struck with another should RING. - or flick in the air (not mint condition coins) with your thumb nail.. should ring like on a western... a bit of practice you will know when a coin - DOES NOT RING TRUE.
Pure Silver should draw on paper.
A MAGNET WILL NOT STICK TO SILVER - it sticks to iron...
A small neodine magnet when slid down a large coin will pass slowly - good test after a bit of practice...

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